Devilishly Mouth-Watering Vegan Breakfasts!

  1. Shamrock Breakfast Sandwich. Kale. Pepitas. Jalepeño sauce.
  2. Big Vegan Breakfast.
  3. Breakfast Hash with Fried Tofu Egg.
  4. Grilled banana, vegan sour cream, and raspberry sandwich with pomegranate, blueberries and peanut butter.
  5. Biscuit Crust Breakfast Pizza with Coconut Milk Gravy and Scrambled Tofu.




We Speak is a poster and blog campaign featuring ten young women who are speaking up about their relationships with mental health and how it informs their identities. Part of Launch: Stamps School of Art and Design’s Senior Thesis Exhibition at the University of Michigan, it will be featured at Work Gallery - Ann Arbor in the exhibition opening on Friday, April 18th from 6-9. The show will remain up through May 3rd. 

In the past year, the ten young women featured in the poster portion of We Speak came face to face with the state of our mental health. Our stories, carefully and honestly written, are meant to start a conversation about a topic that many of us wish we could ignore. But these are our realities, and in sharing them, we want to start chipping away at the stigma that often keeps us feeling weak and alone.

In addition to the original ten participants, everyone is encouraged to consider sharing their own story about mental health. By contributing your experiences, you can help open the discussion about the importance of mental health and tear down the stigma that keeps it so hidden. By sharing this project, you can foster support.

We Speak blog | More information | Submit your story | Mental health resources | By Alicia Kovalcheck

Published on 10 Apr 2014
John Butler brought his chill vibes and hand claps to a live cover of Pharrell’s ‘Happy’.
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I actually hung out with John Butler Trio here in Calgary, Alberta when they played here a last August. Okay I’ll admit I was actually sort of working for them backstage as their sort of assistant and production rep to the producers in Calgary. But it was like driving around a group of your own friends.

Happy to report they are the coolest, nicest, chillest dudes. They were looking for a diner to go to, so naturally I took them to Monki where my best friend also happens to work because it was a Saturday and the line ups were crazy around the rest of the City. PLUS Monki has phenomenal food. Their bassist Byron was totally enamored by her, and nicknamed her Summer Wolf. They gave her 3 tickets to the show that night and later after the show we all hung out. On the way back to concert venue, they sang made up songs about “Summer Wolf”, it was pretty amazing. The nick name has totally stuck too and it has this great back story.

At one point Byron said, “I feel like this is ‘Twilight’ [the movie] and she has ‘imprinted’ on me”. Geekerific. Rock stars and adorable. Also they had the best manager. I wish she was my best friend.

Anyway, had the best time with these guys, can’t believe I was actually working that day. Wish I did this everyday.

- Llu

The crown corporation has been highly profitable for many years, generating 1.5 billion dollars into the economy over the last 15 years. The only year that it did not make a profit was in 2011, the year that the corporation locked out its workers and interrupted service, and also had a one-time pay equity that was paid out because of mistakes that were made in the past. 

In 2012 total profits reported on the Canada Post financial report was $94 million. Canada Post had projected a loss of $1 billion per year by 2020, but this figure is based on a projected loss of $250 million in 2012, a year that was actually profitable. In 2013 they paid all workers two days early so that the pay came out of the 2013 bottom line, probably so that they could minimize the profits they actually made.