I worry about disrespecting my clothing’s egos when I put them away. The pretty things need to be with other pretty things, and the more casual or business-y items with the like.

What an insult to put a casual cotton dress on the same hook as fashionable party dress, or jeans on the same hanger as dress pants. I feel like my fancy items judge me. 

I have thought this way since I was little. Funny habits. 

Genie. You’re free.

Okay I found my voice. 
Robin Williams was idol of mine for most of my childhood, and later an inspiring icon. Did you know he wrestled? I found that out years after I fell in love with him as an actor. So he became a new inspiration for me later in life with his well documented mental health issues and his career choices. It is amazing the breadth of his work. There are so few actors and actresses that span the genres of work, and audiences he did. He was loved by small children, young adults, and even the elderly for both completely different and the same reasons. He had so much to give, and it is incredibly upsetting he left the world the way he did. I hope Robin’s life serves as an example for others to better understand mental health issues.



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On Facebook, a friend recently linked to an article called 20 Tools for Men to Further Feminist Revolution. Although he liked the list, he (correctly) noted that most of the suggestions were quite academic.*

His comments have…

In all three studies, the researchers credited the books with improving the readers’ ability to assume the perspective of marginalized groups. They also claimed that young children, with the help of a teacher, were able to understand that Harry’s frequent support of “mudbloods” was an allegory towards bigotry in real-life society.”